Tour and Industrial Visit

Industrial training, where a student undertakes a period of training with an organization usually during a semester break, plays an important role in preparing the student for a professional career. From the hands-on training, the student learns about the skill sets required, demands of the industry and also work ethics. At the same time it gives the student an opportunity to put into practice what he or she has learned at university.

The industry exposure enhances the undergraduate’s work life through added enthusiasm and commitment; provides a lifelong learning experience; is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of their academic program; work with professional mentors and to begin to build networks within their profession.

So, even before the student graduates he or she is trained to be job-ready, thus increasing the student’s employment prospects along with fulfilling the bachelor of engineering course requirement.

While the student will have much to gain from industrial training, the same is also true for organizations which have such training programs in place. These programs can be of mutual benefit for employers because they may benefit from the quality of support, fresh ideas and energy that the student brings into the work environment.

It is obvious that it is also a convenient pathway for the company to recruit human resource as some absorb trainees into their workforce after they graduate. To achieve this Laxmipati Group of Institutions emphasizes a lot upon industrial visits and training. Institutes send the students across India to gain required expertise in field of engineering. In addition institute organizes in -house training modules also in collaboration of several technology driven organizations for knowledge exchange.