Diploma program in computer application (DCA)

Diploma program in computer application (DCA). The courses have been designed to provide necessary theoretical background and practical skills keeping in view the emerging trends, as well as contemporary and futuristic human resources requirement of the IT industry and business houses.

These courses provide students with in-depth knowledge of programming methodologies, software tools, Internet techniques, networking and administration etc. The course includes Windows, Linux, C++, DOT NET, Java, Oracle, Internet Technology, Multimedia, Computer Graphics, Compiler Design, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, and Emerging Technologies etc. As part of the curriculum the students are required to undertake a major project in final semester. The curriculum provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to theoretical and practical skills in Computer Science. The department has a well-equipped laboratory with Servers, LCD Projector, Visual Presenter, Pen Drives, laser printers, DVD writers etc.