400M Athletic Track

We are the only institute having 400 meter track in our campus, because we believe in being initiator as milkha singh is.


Milkha Singh (born around the 1930s), also known as The Flying Sikh, is a former Indian track and field sprinter who was introduced to the sport while serving in the Indian Army. He was the only Indian male athlete to win an individual athletics gold medal at a Commonwealth Games until Vikas Gowda won the discus gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


The 400 meters, or 400 meter dash, is a common sprinting event in track and field competitions. It has been featured in the athletics program at the Summer Olympics since 1896 (1964 for women). On a standard outdoor running track, it is exactly one lap around the track. Runners start in staggered positions and race in separate lanes for the entire course. In many countries, athletes previously competed in the 440 yard dash (402.336 m) which is the length of a quarter of a mile and was referred to as the ‘quarter-mile’ instead of the 400 m (437.445 yards), though this distance is now obsolete. An athlete who competes in the 400 m may still be referred to as ‘quarter-miler’. The distance or event might still be called the “quarter”


400 meter may be quarter but make us complete.