Information Technology

Information Technology is most prominent and rapidly developing field in today’s world. To maintain speed with latest trends in Information Technology industry, our Information Technology department is fully empowered. Since IT is composed of data processing and transmission, we are having latest communication hardware and software with proper multimedia support to each system. A very high speed internet connection is there in the labs. Net surfing is provided to the students as per their requirements. Guest faculty specialized in respective fields of Information Technology are invited from time to time to keep students in touch with latest trends in technology and to broaden

their spectrum of knowledge. All facilities in the labs are continuously examined and upgraded whenever required. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty for guiding students in right direction. Our aim here is to expose students to latest and growing technologies which help them to become highly skilled IT professional.

Practical Labs

Data Structure Lab

C programming for implementing dynamic array and linked list, queue, stack, tress and their applications.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

C++ programming to implement the concept of classes and objects, inheritance and exception handling etc.

Algorithms and Analysis Lab

The students are taught to program and analyze performance of different searching and sorting algorithms using C program.

Software Engineering Lab

The students are trained to use Rational Rose for developing UML diagrams for specific real time projects.

Computer Graphics

Developing animation based projects using C.


The students are educated about Query processing using Oracle9i.

Linux & X-Windows

Shell programming using vi editor in Linux OS.


Designing cross-cables, configuration of routers, implementing client server communication, crypting algorithms using java.

Java and Dot.Net Lab

The students are trained to learn Java (Core) , Java(Advance) and Language

Soft Computing

The students are trained to use neural network toolbox, fuzzy tool box in Matlab7.0 for implementing back propagation algorithms, MLP, fuzzy sets.